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if you know your do list ID, you can retrieve the do list from anywhere in the world. Your do list ID can be found from middle of this page and Please keep it in a safe place for future reference. Make sure you do not share your do list ID with anyone unless you want someone to modify your do list.
You cannot retrieve your do list unless you save it. You can save your do list by clicking [save dolist] button at the top right of the page.
It is highly recommended you save the do list before close the browser. Please keep the do list ID in a safe place. do list ID will help you to retrieve your do list from any other computer or browser.


Online do list is a very simple and easy tool to help you manage your everyday tasks.
No registration or sign in required. You can just start using online do list.Whenever you come to it will simply show your reserved do list. It sticks with forever unless you clear the cookies of the browser. Remember, always you must use the same browser to see your same online do list. But, of course, you can retrieve your do list from any other browser or any other workstation using your unique do list ID. (you can get further information by clicking the info icons on this page). Enjoy, and do not forget to send us your feedback.